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Tribeco Cola

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tribeco cola
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Information about the Drink

Tribeco Cola is a cola from Vietnam. The company makes a whole range of products, with cola being one of them. The branding is fairly generic.

Translated from the Tribeco website:

Tribeco carbonated soft drinks market is on a three scents: Orange, Cola, Lemon, Sá XI and Soda.

Tribeco fresh water is produced on a closed cold extraction technology, use of CO2 gas produced by the plant itself to ensure that products have the highest quality. This recognition from the company worked with Pepsi products Mirinda Orange, Sarsi, 7-up.

Specification: 240ml bottles, 285ml bottles, 330ml cans, boxes, crates for 24 bottles (cans), 1.5 L PET bottles, barrels of 12 bottles.

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