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Tizer scotland

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Made by A.G. Barr plc
First seen 1924
Country Scotland scotland

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Information about the Drink

Tizer is a red fizzy drink made by Barr (the makers of Irn Bru) from Scotland. The drink was first made in 1924 by Fred Pickup of Manchester when it was known as ‘Pickup’s Appetizer’ and was eventually sold to Irn Bru in 1972 for £2.5 million.

Tizer, 2.9 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
  • Johnny

    Tizer from the early 2000′s and was ended in 2006 was a beautiful unique tasting drink. Me and my pals were so excited as they started bringing out different colour versions of the drink, including purple which tasted incredible. Tizer was a dominant force in the pop/soda world. But then they changed it to the tizer we have nowadays. It now tastes disgusting and leaves a horrible feeling in your throat. I’m 18, I’ve still got along time ahead of me to see the old tizer maybe return one day. It was my favourite pop of all time. :(

  • John

    The “Ed the Head” Version of the drink was so beautiful and unique tasting, was my favourite pop, along with many other people, I also loved the spin off colours including purple which tasted fantastic. However nowadays the relaunched Tizer from 2007 tastes AWFUL. They should never have changed it, now I no longer buy it. Hopefully they will bring the previous Tizer that we all love and crave so much. I give the old tasting tizer a 9.5/10 and I give the current tasting tizer a lousy 1.5/10

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