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Moray Cup scotland

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Made by Sangs Banff Ltd
First seen Unknown
Country Scotland scotland

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Information about the Drink

Moray Cup is a red fizzy drink produced in the north of Scotland by Sangs Banff Ltd. The drink is inexpensive and hard to find (even in its native Scotland). On the label the drink is described as a “Fruit Flavoured Drink”.

Moray Cup, 4.7 out of 5 based on 35 ratings
  • Harry Balls

    I had a bottle of it not so long ago. It is just like red cola bit it has a distinct aftertaste of terrys chocolate orange.

  • christopher brough

    i think that aswel harry balls

  • Big Barry

    There is only one drink that combines the sweetness of summer fruits, with the smooth, rich taste of cigarette butts. Moray Cup: the only known beverage to give you stomach cramps!

    Unfortunately, with any glorious fruit-flavoured love juice comes the non-believers. They are adamant on proving that Moray Cup is nothing more than a cheap drink for tight bastards. Don’t be fooled. Instead, have a glass of delicious Moray Cup.

  • Anglo, Moray Cup lover

    Tried to get Sangs to export to England. They sent their e-mail to me instead of to the ‘back office’. Next time I’m around the Broch area I think I’ll stock up on Moray Cup. But even there it’s getting hard to find.

  • Big Dave

    I just discovered Moray Cup this morning, seriously refreshing and delicious as hell! Why isn’t it on ever shop shelf? :(

  • Dave U

    Moray Cup is hard to describe. It says its a fruit flavoured drink but its difficult to put your finger on which fruit(s). Not overly fizzy and despite the only version being a non diet version it’s not too sugary for this hardened diet drink consumer.

    An absolute must with your chip supper and I only go to chip shops that stock it.

  • Matt

    Love how the label features two atypical looking Scottish guys, against some very atypical looking Scottish scenery, drinking what is quite clearly not Moray Cup.

    Awesome :)

  • Furryboots

    Available in the ASDA store in Helen Street, Glasgow. There must be a community of expat Banff-Macduff residents driving some sales!

  • David

    Michty me! This stupendous bottle has made its way as far south as West Lothian, where it is stocked by Asda in Armadale. Perhaps the Marketing Department of Sangs needs to consider a label that does actually show people drinking the product itself, but when the taste is this good, who cares!? Visit your local Asda and pick up at least 15 litres of the stuff.


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