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J2O Glitter Berry england

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Made by Britvic plc
First seen 2011
Country England england

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Information about the Drink

Britvic has announced it is introducing a limited edition Glitter Berry flavour of J2O this Christmas (2011) to add glamour to the adult soft drinks market.

The drink, which will be available from early September, is a combination of red grape, cherry and a hint of spice with edible gold glitter that sparkles once the bottle is shaken.

J2O Glitter Berry, 4.7 out of 5 based on 158 ratings
  • julie lawrence

    Fantastic on its own or mixed with equal half shots of malibu and vodka, topped off with a strawberry……called a Glitterbomb……lovely, i’m just sad its a limited edition :-(

  • faye

    mix with amaretto for a glamaretto! so nice!

  • Elizabeth

    had my first taste from The Oaks Restaurant in Norwich, the advertisment caught my eye along with the labeling. Lovely taste, should do well

  • jamie barwick

    I was attracted to this drink because it was new and shinny. once i had taken my first sip i lent over the side ofthe sofa and vommed on our new carpit…. then wondered if j20 had just got some metal shavings from a metal workshop and gave it a good mix so i looked on the bottle to find out what the glitter was and if it was good for me having not found what it was on the bottle i was outradged and hadto surf the internet to find out what the hell it was in my drink……….. if you are attracted to this because it new and shiny just like i was……………. dont bother or you might have to buy a new carpit just like i have had to

  • Sam

    Not to sure on the flavour and aftertaste but loved the the sparkles and the aroma.

  • Amanda

    Took one sip and hated it! The worst one they have come up with and I love all the others.

  • @GlitterBerryLover

    Love this drink, give it a shake to watch the glitter swirl :)
    Perfect for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol!

    Buying a new carpet because you had been vomited on it- just a tad extreme!

  • Tina

    Soooooooooo prettyyy but it doesnt taste of much!! flavours need to be a bit stronger… its not so bad when chilled tho!.. I hope they release it properly and not just as a limited edition I keep buying it just for the sparkles rather than the taste!! :p

  • salven

    I drank this on halloween and i literally s**t a gold pellet some time later. Be wary

  • Caroline

    I was horrified to see that J20 has glitter in it, can you honestly believe that putting this sort of stuff inside your body will do you any good? Very pretty I agree, but for Christmas decorations and that’s where it ends
    Cancer is rife and with so many e numbers and additives already included in foods there has to be a link, so this is taking things too far.
    For all you people out there that may have not considered that you shouldn’t ingest glitter please think about it before glamming up your insides.
    If I am talking out of turn and this has been proven to be natural glitter and good for you then I take it all back…..but I seriously doubt it.

  • sharon Burle

    Tasty Rich festive flavour, beautiful sparkly appearance. A drink for every diva.

  • Rosemary

    Well my daughter was raving about this drink so I bought some. It wasn’t fizzy but a flat drink and I had no glitter at all. Thumbs down for me I’m afraid

  • ann emmanuel

    fabulous drink!!! should be available all year round please!!!! love it and its so popular in my home town that its hard to get hold of cos its gone as soon as it hits the shelves!!

  • Dave

    This is definitely an acquired taste. I wasn’t sure about the taste at first but since have thoroughly enjoyed every bottle, so much so I have bought enough to last the Christmas period as it is very seasonal.
    You have to shake it for the Gold shimmer effect so that all particles are disturbed from the bottom of the bottle.
    The advert is just awful though and doesn’t do this drink justice.
    I could have promoted it better at a fraction of the cost.

  • Charlotte

    Not meaning to be rude, but I’m not entirely sure you’ve got your facts right. You cannot get cancer from ingesting some glitter darling. Just don’t give it to your children if that’s the way you feel.

  • john

    This drink is the most amazing drink ever. IT will be the best purchase you could ever make!! Xoxo

  • glitter girl

    At first I really wasn’t sure as the taste isn’t quite as light and fruity as I expected and tastes a bit like drinking ribina diluting syrup.. but it’s definitely grown on me and it is very christmassy.

    I love the person belows idea of mixing a half shot of vodka and half shot malibu with it and I am definitely going to try that when I go out tomorrow night :D thank you!

  • Phil W.

    Disgusting slippery feel to it. What on earth have I put in my mouth? Like drinking lip gloss or something.
    What were they thinking of! Just stick to fruit flavours J20. Can I get a refund?

  • ann

    a lovely smooth drink – would recommend everyone tries it

  • Gaile Bishop

    What a pretty drink – in a Babycham shaped glass it looked gorgeous – I added ice cubes with cranberries frozen inside. The flavour was a little weak perhaps, but it is fun! I will take some to my grandsons and pretend it is a magic potion. Also given me ideas for summery party drinks, white wine with silver glitter etc.

  • Sam

    Tried this a few days ago and I loved it! All the other j2o drinks for me is cr*p, I don’t like any of them but this is the only j2o I do like as it has a beautiful cherry taste and also a hint of spices which makes it that good for me! The glitter makes it more magical!!! Please release this drink for permanent sales as I will be purchasing it every time I see it on the shelf. Thank you

  • Millie

    Does anyone know how to make it? I can’t find it, :( was going to buy for birthday party!!!!!!!

  • kitty

    omg i love it! it has quite a thick syrpy taste i loveee it! deffo my favourite one. i prefer it to the apple and mango and that’s saying something. i am fasinated about the glitter. drinking one now and just keep lookign at the glitter in it. i am so sad that it is limited edition i hope that they do decide to keep it! they should :)

  • nat

    Love it… add a little sparkle to ur life. Please make it regular flavour not just a limited edition.
    Go for this one first.. when its available. great on its own or as a mixer with ice cold lemonade

  • Mrs French

    My daughter had a nasty allergic reaction to this, she has a nut allergy.

  • tobi

    i drank it today and wow it had a nice tast at the beging but i ended up having a smig of glitter stack at the back of my mouth and i cough also my tummy hurts a few minutes after i drank it i recomend not driking it. the original is so much better

  • Ann Leonard

    Its a smooth subtle flavour. Very pretty and festive. Is a great mixer – try it with a measure of slow gin or add a bottle of Cherry B (just cherry wine) to give it a grown up kick and celebrate the season.

  • Julie S

    I purchased 4 x4packs (16 bottles) of J2O limited edition Glitter Berry just before Christmas.

    I and those I gave it to, found it really unpleasant. The drink itself only has the faintest of flavour, predominantly cherry.
    The consistency and texture, was where it was really disappointed. The glitter seems to be held in a form of thick suspension. This is most unpleasant to drink and feels like a mucus.
    Snot in a bottle is all I can say about it.
    Save your money and buy a standard flavour.

  • Jenna M

    I love this drink. It’s mild tastes are still suitable, especially for the season. Having said this, I do wish it were available every time of year… It’s beautiful, has a lovely taste, and it has no alcohol for those who don’t drink it. Buybuybuybuybuy!

  • Livvygirl

    Absolutely love this,agree,please can we have it the whole year round,yummy and delicious
    why limited

  • Livvygirl

    Absolutely love this drink,yummy and delicious,agreed why limited and not all year round