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Irn Bru scotland

Made by A.G. Barr plc
First seen 1901
Country Scotland scotland

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Information about the Drink

Irn Bru comes from Scotland, and is the best selling drink in the country (the only country where Coca Cola is not number one). The drink is/was advertised as “made from girders”, but whilst the secret recipe is kept locked in a safe, the idea that the drink is made from girders is false. The name Irn Bru, comes from Iron Brew. The word brew had to be changed by law, as no brewing goes on in the making of the drink. The word Iron comes from the fact that the drink was first sold to workers on a bridge (in place of beer).

Whilst the drink has proven to be popular in Scotland, the drink has had limited success down in England and in most of Europe. The drink is however, extrememly popular in Russia.

Irn Bru, 4.7 out of 5 based on 29 ratings
  • Peter Anderson

    Best Drink Ever!

  • John

    HOPE THEY NEVER CHANGE THIS DRINK. It is beautiful, I find myself always buying it, I used to buy the old tizer more but since they have changed tizer to a horrible drink I now buy this more.

  • Neil

    I find this a really weird one. When I lived in Scotland (at uni) I hated it and everything to do with it. Now, living in Ireland I really have grown to like it. Perhaps it’s because it’s a bit harder to get over here, who knows!

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