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Bubba Cola us

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Made by Cott Beverages Ltd
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Country USA us

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Information about the Drink

Bubba Cola is a fizzy drink made in the USA by Cott Beverages for the supermarket chain Save-A-Lot. It is unknown when the drink was first made, but in 2009 the company decided to keep te name Bubba Cola after online voters favoured the name.

Also, the company recently switched from using sucralose to aspartame . This has caused many customers to stop buying the diet version of Bubba Cola.

Bubba Cola, 4.0 out of 5 based on 16 ratings
  • Gabriel Morrow

    I just took a drink of a bubba cola and got a pine needle in my mouth. I don’t think this is safe nor sanitary.

  • Elizabeth

    It has a pepper taste to it.

  • Sherry

    Used to love the old diet bubba. Just took a drink of the “new improved” aspartame crap. Leaves a horrible aftertaste not to mention aspartame makes me extremely ill! Would have been nice if they let people know! Returning the 3 other 12 packs tomorrow. So sad, good product gone bad!

  • Kit Carson Hamm

    So did I
    Aspartame made from crap so it tastes like crap