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Aspire Cranberry Flavour england

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aspire drink
Made by Unkown
First seen 2010
Country England england

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Information about the Drink

Aspire is a cranberry flavoured soft drink from the UK with an interesting claim that you can burn calories by drinking it. Although these claims are based on only 10 test subjects (11 men and 9 women). The company claim that the unique mix of caffeine, ginger, amino acid and green tea cause a “thermogenic effect” where the body produces extra heat. The drink is produced by Fahrenheit 60, a company based in Milton Keynes.

You can buy the 250ml can for £1.59 from Holland & Barrett.

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Aspire contains natural ingredients which create a thermogenic reaction, increasing your metabolism helping you to burn calories.

Aspire’s tested formula contains Green Tea, Guarana and
L Carnitine and half your daily required vitamins.

Aspire has been tested by a leading British Laboratory and is proven to burn on average, over 200 calories per can*

Aspire Cranberry Flavour, 4.6 out of 5 based on 17 ratings

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